Ranbir sued by tenant for Rs 50 Lacs


After delivering a masterpiece performance in Sanju, Ranbir is busy shooting for his next movie Brahmastra in Bulgaria.

But, here in India Ranbir Kapoor has been sued by his tenant, for a Pune flat, for Rs 50 lacs.

Ranbir Kapoor has leased out his apartment in Trump Tower, Kalyani Nagar, Pune in the year 2016 to Sheetal Suryawanshi. Now, the tenant, Sheetal has moved into a Koregaon Park apartment, leaving Ranbir’s apartment on rent. She has now looked for damages and interest for being expelled days before the lock-in period, in the rental agreement. Per the agreement, the license fee was agreed to Rs 4 Lacs for the first 12 months, and then Rs 4.20 Lacs for the next 12.

Trump Tower Pune
Trump Tower Pune

The case is under the Pune Civil Court, where the tenant is seeking fine for the damage caused to her. As per Sheetal, she was asked to leave the flat on August 2017 i.e., 11 months after she moved in to that apartment. She had to vacate the apartment in October 2017. Sheetal Suryawanshi, has claimed that she and her family has to undergo ‘severe inconveniences and hardships’.

As per the suit filed in the beginning of the year that is January 2018, the agreement signed between the two parties said ’24-months shall be a lock-in period’.

The suit states “In said notice (email), it was falsely informed by the defendant (Ranbir) that he wants to shift into the said premises, and for this reason, plaintiff (Suryawanshi) was asked to vacate the premises in contravention of the terms and conditions of the leave and license agreement.”

Suryawanshi also claims that she has been ‘maliciously deceived’ by Ranbir Kapoor to vacate the apartment. The suit file in January this year didn’t get any response from the actor. But in response to the suit filed Ranbir stated, “Plaintiff cannot unilaterally change, modify or interpret leave and license agreement to suit her convenience.”

In addition to this, Ranbir has also clarified that the tenant vacated the house on her own will and the defaulted 3 months rent has been deducted from the deposit.


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