Traveling | 5 Differences when you are Traveling in your 20’s v/s your 30’s

In this generation of stress through family, relationships, career, etc., traveling has become one of the biggest escapes from reality. Traveling

It not only gives you a sense of freedom but it also helps you re-invent the inner you and make some life-altering decisions.

It gives you the peace of mind that most of the times are very hard to achieve in the daily humdrum of life.

But not always can be traveling be such an easy task unless it is a part of your profession.

People say that 20’s are the prime of your youth and you can live that life of by traveling. But that’s not always necessarily the truth.

During your 30’s you are somewhere in the middle of starting to settle down and growing up.

This is the time of your life where most people have reached the certain level of achievements and aiming to take a big turning point.


Traveling Traveling

So before you decide to rush into the grown-up life, give yourself some time by planning an itinerary and we tell you the reasons why will not be such a bad decision:

1. In your 30’s, you become more experienced and wiser as well as more matured unlike in your 20’s.

That reflects in your traveling where you experience the joys of travel and admire and appreciate the beauty of nature more than you did in your 20’s when you mostly partied and drank the nights out.

2. Your 20’s travel guide may sometimes turn into more of a Facebook post or an Instagram story rather than an escape for yourself.

But in your 30’s you will already way past the social networking ghost and let yourself really go without even paying a heed of what others might think.

3. Another great perk of traveling in your 30’s than in your 20’s is that you will be financially more stable.

So rather than spending your travel days through beg, borrow and steal, you can truly enjoy yourself by treating yourself with the luxuries of life and not worry about spending a strict budget.

4. Traveling ‘alone’ may not be the best idea in your 20’s but in your 30’s you will actually want to do that even more.

Prioritizing yourself more than anything else would be something that you will need and want in your 30’s.

5. And most importantly, your age should be the least of your concerns because you are still not that old.

Your back hasn’t given up yet and you do not get tired easily as those in their 40’s or 50’s. So utilize your fitness and go out for an adventure!

If you are truly a wild spirit and wanderlust is in your blood, then no age can truly stop you when the world is calling! Traveling

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